So, I started a Blog.
You might have seen it. You’re on it at this very moment. A couple of weeks ago I began to write a blog about how to be financially independent and the journey I’m taking to get there. I’ve got to admit, I was excited. I got more clicks in the first day then I did the entire year I had been making random YouTube videos. Well, except for my Japanese Haircut video, that thing has over 40,000 views!
As I began to navigate the world of online ads and paid promotions I realized something. While I would love to get my content in front of more people, maintaining that many streams of social media is cost prohibitive.
I found one guy he was talking about promoting his blog. How was he doing this? Between two and five times a day on Twitter, once a week on Facebook, and a bunch more on Pinterest and Instagram. 2 to 5 times a day?! Who has time for that? To be fair, I can probably count the number of tweets I’ve done in my life on two hands. And all of those were to promote some new undertaking.
Even just maintaining the one paid promotion I did for Facebook was taking it out of me. I knew I had to change something.
Google go!
I ran across several solutions which would manage your different social media accounts for you. You set up Facebook posts and tweets and it would send them out at the time you specified. But none of them quite work the way I wanted them too. After a couple of hours of poking and prodding through different blogs and paid promotions I gave up. I thought maybe I would just pay someone to manage my accounts for me. Keep me up to date, follow and unfollow, send out tweets, you know all the stuff that I’m bad at. “Good enough!” I thought and moved on to a new problem.
coschedule: how to free up your life from promoting content Headline Analyzer
Ironically while trying to make my blog posts better, from a clickable SEO point of view, I ran into something called the Headline Analyzer. This was a tool for a service called Coschedule(affiliate link) which would allow you to evaluate the impact of your headlines. It works well. I had noticed that the one headline that I used it on got clicks quicker than the ones that I made up myself.
But this post is not about the Headline Analyzer. It is about the main service.
I was intrigued. I noodled around investigating. The answer to my social media problems is what it was. Not only is it social media scheduler but it also allows you to maximize the impact of posts while collaborating to create high-quality blog material. I quickly set up an account, linked to my social profiles to it, and begin working on my intro to my previous post about Robinhood.
Here’s their introduction to their site:
Fast forward. This is the second post that I have done utilizing the tool and I feel like now I can give my honest review. To be completely transparent one of the neat things about Coschedule is that if you post a review of their software on your blog you can receive 50% off their year subscription. Don’t tell them but I think I would honestly pay full price for this tool either way. And while that may be a spoiler for the below review, there are definitely a few things that I think bloggers should consider when using Coschedule.
I’m going to work my way up in awesomeness so let’s start with the things that are cool without being in your face about it.
  1. Clean interface: Coschedule has a very clean interface which allows you to see not only what blog posts are scheduled but also what social media supporting posts have been created. It shows the task lists needed to complete each post and places them in the correct day in the calendar.
  2. Easy social interface: We’re just a few clicks you can connect just about any of your social media outlets to Coschedule. Once this is done you can set up Coschedule to post for you and leave tags in the URL so that it can monitor user engagement.
  3. Social Media Engagement: This is one of the cooler features which allows you to monitor engagement of all your social media platforms for any post that was created by Coschedule. You can track impact and figure out what clicks with your audience. A tool that is provided with this is the ability to allow Coschedule to time your social media post for most impact. They put a bunch of work into measuring when your posts will reach the most people and send them out when this time occurs.
  4. Social media marketing Campaign: I think this is where Coschedule shines. They have created a tool which frees up your time. Time is tantamount to gold. I know I know it’s a cliché but let me show you how awesome it is. Below is an example my thirty-day media campaign. I set this up once and use it each time. I load in quotes, pictures, gifs and headlines. The program handles the rest. It will time the post appropriately, schedule them when the time comes and collect the results. You can do as many as you want for as long as you want. Its awesome. Don’t hate me but, wait…there’s more! Templates take the cake.
  5. Templates: For both the Social Campaign and the blog task list, you can create templates to quickly fill in your plan. My thirty-day media campaign is set in a template which I load for each new blog post. I fill in the helpers which populate the posts and then they are staged and ready to go when I go live with my blog. What is a helper you ask? Well when you put together the template you create helpers. You format your post to perfection and then replace your title with the {title} helper. Now you can write the title once and it gets automatically filled in for all the social posts that use {title}. You can do this with pictures and video too.

coschedule: how to free up your life from promoting content Social Media Campaign

Here are some of my helpers for my thirty-day campaign.

coschedule: how to free up your life from promoting content text helpers
Text Helper
coschedule: how to free up your life from promoting content image helpers
Image Helper


And this is what a post looks like with only the helpers.

coschedule: how to free up your life from promoting content blank helper post

Overall between the templates and the headers, new media campaigns become work measured in minutes instead of days.
These are a few of the things that I found irritating while using site. None of them are deal breakers but they will cause you frustration when you run up against the same problem.
  1. Update the template does not update the marketing strategy: There were several times when I had created a marketing strategy but found it to be lacking for one reason or another. I wanted to go in and update the template. I hoped that the numerous deliverable posts that I have used them on would update as well. This is not possible. Once you load a template for either a marketing strategy/task list they are are two separate entities. Updating one will not affect the other. This means that if you really want to change a large amount of your marketing strategy you will need to go through and delete each individual social media post. Otherwise when you load a new template it loads it on top of the previous test marketing strategy. The final irritation here is that there is no “delete all” button. You must click into each one and hit delete.
  2. It’s for blogs: For those of you looking seriously at Coschedule know that, for now, it really is only for blogs. You can fake it but its not optimized for other forms of media. One of the side project I am creating for this blog is a podcast with possible YouTube series. It would be super awesome to see them add the ability to create templates and optimizations for these types of content sources.
  3. Headline Analyzer is not integrated into all blog draft options: I guess I’m really digging in the weeds here, but I wish that the Headline Analyzer would be available for all types of blog drafts. When you use the internal text editor or a WordPress blog the Headline Analyzer is integrated into each blog post. One of the neat things about it is that it maintains a history of the different headlines you check. This allows you to see over time how prove them. This is not available if you try to create your post in Evernote, Google doc, or outside template. Why!? I don’t know.
Ultimately, the moment I knew I would pay for this service came a few days ago. I was trying to setup a new marketing strategy. Used a social media scheme which extended out over a month for each post. A couple tweets here, a couple tweets there. A Facebook post thrown in and a scattering of Instagram and Pinterest pics. Now we’re cooking with gas.
Accidentally I had left a tweet scheduled that had no picture and no text. Only a link to my website. That post got retweeted. I got 15 follows. Doesn’t sound like much but it made my day. In that moment I went from wondering if my blog was a good idea to knowing that it was a good idea. I went from wondering if I was going to make it to knowing I was going to crush it.
So yeah. I’ll pay for the service. If a mistake can get more engagement than anything that I’ve ever posted in the past…just imagine what I could do if I really put my mind to it.
If this post piqued your interest, please consider signing up with my referral link. Any time you do you helps me keep the links on around here and I much appreciate it!


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    Thank you so much for the awesome review! We like hearing what folks like (or not like) about CoSchedule, this is what makes us better!

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