You don’t know me and I don’t know you, but I’m hoping to change that. If you’ve landed here that means you are as serious about your future as I am about mine. We’ve both come to the realization that our futures depend on the decisions we make now and that means we have to make the right ones. This blog is for those wanting to work together to get out of the rat race. To retire and enjoy working for ourselves, on the things we want. Join me in making our Financial Independence(FI)/Retire Early(RE) dreams a reality.

Some quick background about me:

After 5 years my high stress Engineering job got to me. I was lost. I was over weight, wasn’t sleeping, hated my job, you know the rest. The start of turning my life around was realizing that if I could just save enough money, I could live a life of my choosing.

Enter the FI community and this Furious Financial Independence blog

After months of reading and beginning to implement ideas, I decided that I wanted to share what I learned. Also they always say you don’t really know something until you can teach it.

That being said, I am still new. I will make mistakes. Please call me on them! I don’t want to be stuck making a stupid mistake, wasting money and time, any longer than I have to.